Pink Digging Gloves

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+ Constructed with Durable long lasting ABS plastic claws that are permanently attached with Low VOC eco-friendly Adhesives
+ No more Sore Fingernails due to the “Isolation Pocket” & Patent Pending Technology.
+ NO more worn out fingertips. Tested & rated for 200 hours of average gardening (15 times longer than the best selling glove)
+ Engineered for Efficiency Designed for Performance
+ Has the effectiveness of a tool with the protection & comfort of a glove
+ Washable
+ High Visibility Colors
+ Superior Hand Protection
+ UV protection added to prevent cracking

These gloves are made of 13 gauge breathable fabric and a mild elastic cuff to prevent dirt from entering. They are coated with cut – resistant latex foam. The claws are constructed of durable plastic & are rated for up to 200 hours of normal gardening tasks.

Wolverine with the options for only LEFT, RIGHT or BOTH Hands.
Comes with a pair of pink gloves.


Pink Honey Badger Garden Gloves leftPink Honey Badger Garden Digging Gloves Pink Honey Badger Garden Digging Gloves Pink Honey Badger Garden Digging Gloves Pink Honey Badger Garden Digging Gloves Pink Honey Badger Garden Digging GlovesPink Honey Badger Garden Digging GlovesPink Honey Badger Garden Digging Gloves

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4 reviews for Pink Digging Gloves

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    Nice fit – great gardening glove. I only do my gardening about two or three times a month but these are good for planting and offer great protection for fingernails. They’re also well make and lightweight.

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    Best gloves I’ve used. I do a lot of gardening both indoors & out. It’s been about 2 years that I’ve started using clawed garden gloves, but the grip model is now my favorite. They’ve improved the feel and grip. Claws are good but with the grippy fingerprints I can now grip & feel without slipping.

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    Was surprised how well they work. I used these when planting my vegetable garden and I must say that I never have used this kind of garden glove before. After about a few minutes I adjusted to the claws and I got more used out of them as I went on. It makes my work easier and they fit very well too. I wear a small/ medium size and have the claws on the right hand. My landscaper neighbor thought they were interesting .

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    Excellent gloves. The regular gloves don’t last nearly as long as these do especially at the fingertips. The rest of the gloves seem to be normal but the durability comes from the claws. Unique gloves for sure.

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