As an avid gardener I’ve used hundreds of gardening gloves – The same areas of the gloves would wear out quickly and I‘d end up buying more pairs. As it tuns out – This is the most common complaint of glove users.

I thought – There MUST be a glove on the market that is designed for DURABILITY & COMFORT so I started searching in stores & online. When I couldn’t find anything, I decided to make my own.

Using the “Lean Start-up” methodology I started with sketches, and prototypes. I tried metal tips, wooden tips, different claw shapes, different depths, different combinations of fingers, getting valuable feedback from gardeners every step of the way… According to the users, the TOOLING FEATURE is also a nice touch.  18 months later we came up with the Honey Badger Garden Glove which is now in production.  Hope you like it!

Wooden Prototype Claws – with different angles.

Early Stage concept – Napkin drawing

Functional Prototype of the first Honey Badger Model

Isolation Pocket to protect fingernails