The Gardening Tool That Fits Like A Glove!™

We are a start-up company in Atlanta GA. Our mission is to apply sensible technology to gardening gloves, making life in the garden easier. Gloves are an extension of yourself when you wear them. Recent years have brought practical technological advancements to just about every industry including sports.

Why it Works

Packaging cut-away6Honey Badger Gloves use several Patent Pending technologies. One of which is the “ Isolation Pocket ” inside the claw at the extremities of your finger (As seen in the cut –away illustration ). This technology greatly reduces the stress that your fingernail would normally receive with regular garden gloves.

How it Works

 New Image65856“Leverage Technology “ is yet another innovation being applied here enabling you to use the stronger part of your hand & fingers vs. your fingertips. When compared with regular gloves, the “Leverage Technology” will greatly reduce the need for the use of your fingertips. In fact you can even use these gloves without really using any force at all on your fingertips. This is ideal for gardeners with sore finger joints.